Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Amazon Products Samples To Review For Free


How to Get Free Amazon Products Samples At Home For review

As you know, there’s thousands of sellers on AMAZON, they have understood that to increase their sales through AMAZON they must get a lot of positive reviews about their products (amazon products samples for review). This is why they are looking for positive opinions.

Facebook groups offer a great opportunity to Amazon sellers, they use these groups to offer free products samples for testing in exchange they can get positive reviews.

How to get the free products samples:

There are several possibilities, by contacting the seller on his Facebook account, through Facebook’s private messaging asking him to send you a free product sample to test, the seller can ask you your Amazon profile to verify that you are not a “bad customer” and that it will have a positive review by selecting you.

The second method is to go directly to Amazon and choose the product that interests you (choose a product sold by xxxx and shipped by Amazon do not choose sold and shipped by Amazon) and follow these steps:

  • * click on the name of the seller.
    * ask a question.
    * Tell us more about your problem.
    * first select another question and write a message.
    * write your motivation and what product you are interested in.
    * wait for the seller’s response.

You should know that If a seller asks you to pay via Paypal then to refund it, you should know that Amazon prohibits sale against reviews and you can be punished The best is to ask for a full coupon (100%).

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