Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Get free products at home to review without being blogger

Get free products at home to review without being blogger


How to use your social network to get free products

Looking for free products samples. Who has never wanted to receive products for free? Yes, you could be one of these testers without having a blog or other to participate.

 Many companies offer new free products in exchange for your review. Then other sites offer to send products samples occasionally. Sometimes in exchange for your opinion, other times without expecting anything in return (except perhaps a photo with the product).


This platform is aimed primarily at “influencers”. But, as you know an influencer, it’s a person who uses a social network, has followers or subscribers and is willing to share his impressions on a product via this social network. You are probably all influencers, to different degrees. Also note that sometimes, in addition to the free products, you can be paid (this will be clearly stated).


It’s simple as operation; first of all you have to register! Then we set ourselves a score by giving our review on products that we really used. Then when a campaign is available, we receive an email and register if the product interests us. Signing up for a campaign does not guarantee participation.


This platform also targets influencers; oh yes, influencers who have an interesting number of followers on different social networks. IZEA was simply a platform for having a small income on occasion with sponsored tweets. However, they have offers that include testing a free product sent and taking a picture before / after! (And be paid to do it too.) This platform is to watch !!


There are regular opportunities on this site and the concept is interesting: an active participation in the campaigns allows growing the BzzScore, and the higher score we have the higher chance we have to be chosen for campaigns. So unlike other sites, it’s not just about big numbers on social networks.

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